Focus topic: Increase productivity in intralogistics

New RFID system iPLACER® with innovative purpose of application


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From pilot phase into regular operations: STILL on the use of iPLACER®

The partners STILL GmbH and Würth Industrie Service have shown that Industry 4.0 can function smoothly at the forklifts and industrial trucks specialist’s plant in Hamburg. There, iPLACER®, a self-sufficient RFID module, is being used for a seamless supply of production materials.


iPLACER® – the flexible RFID module

Thanks to its compact design, iPLACER® offers almost limitless application scenarios for the manufacturing enterprises: as an ordering system in workplace, on a flow rack for inventory management and replenishment or as a self-sufficient and independent ordering system anywhere in production, assembly, logistics and intralogistics. In all these scenarios, the focus is on maximum security of supply. The new RFID system aims for maximum transparency and a complete digital replenishment in the material flow.

iPLACER® the flexible RFID module


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