Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

We believe...

Is for us a strategic success factor giving us a significant competitive advantage and is the

As pioneers in the areas of sustainability and C-Parts management, we wish to continue successfully shaping our business relationships and combine this with long-term future perspectives. Sustainable, conscious action by all employees and high standards regarding the careful use of all resources in accordance with a company's economic objectives are no fad or trend, conversely they form the basis of our daily activity and decision-making. An elementary aspect of this is that we continue to develop our activities, standards and guidelines to suit the changing conditions.

Responsibility already starts before the goods arrive at our warehouse directly in collaboration with our manufacturers during the procurement process. The basis for this is our

a binding code of conduct for all employees and business partners.
We attach great importance to responsible business conduct throughout the entire supply chain and cooperation based on mutual trust with you, as our customers, suppliers, dealers, contractors and other suppliers of goods and services all over the world. We expect compliance with and observance of valid laws and regulations as well as the conditions of our Code of Conduct.
All these guidelines have to be seen under the context of Würth Industrie Service complying with the principles of the United Nations' Global Compact. The Code of Conduct sets out the conditions we impose on our business partnerships at Würth Industrie Service and how you can help implement the Code of Conduct.