Würth Online-Shop: Procurement made easy

The number one online ordering shop for your production materials and operational equipment


Würth Online-Shop offers the following functions:

  • Inventory function
  • Cost centre allocation
  • Order summary and tracking
  • Data sheets (safety data sheet, technical data sheet)
  • Approval process

  • Online catalogue
  • Inventory audit
  • Registration via customer material number
  • Budget limitation


You can reorder your item quickly and securely using the text search function, the scanner, the product hierarchy or by selecting an image - directly at your PC.


Besides order function and product details, you can find many service modules at the Würth Online-Shop which make your work easier.


At the Würth Online-Shop you can find details about your order, information about more than 150,000 products and additional services – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Data sheets and many other useful functions are only one click away. The Würth Online-Shop is now even more structured and works on your smartphone or tablet.


Do you have an OCI interface? We would be happy to link our Würth online catalogue to your system. The useful features of our Würth Online-Shop will still remain fully functional.


Delivery options in our online shop.



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